Join us on Sundays 8 am or 11 am. Our address is 13231 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Make Jesus Known

The Avenue exists to make Jesus known through deep roots and wide branches.  

Our pastors and leaders will equip you to make Jesus known deeper as you read our Bible daily, spend time in prayer consistently, and participate in a small group weekly.  

We will also equip you to make Jesus know widely as you share the gospel regularly.

Our Vision: Gospel Watershed 10k

Through the vision of Gospel Watershed 10k we will develop a burden for our community as a catalyst for 10,000 gospel conversations by 2025.

What is a Gospel Watershed?

As the snow pack melts from the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, it grows into streams and rivers. These waters continue to intensify until they reach the ocean. In a similar way, God will grow a burden in our church through our Gospel Watershed 10k.

That burden will feed a desire to share the gospel. One gospel conversation will lead to others as our church mobilizes to reach our community.

As people accept the gospel, baptisms will become as regular a part of our service as prayer, worship, and the sermon.

Lives will then be transformed by the power of God through His gospel. 

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